Hi folks ... Whats the best method for cleaning a mowers fabric grass bag whilst out working (ie no jet wash available). Is wire brush effective or does it ruin the bag?? .... Any particular wire brush style better than other or much of muchness??

Also, when back at base and mower deck needs a good clean. Ive always jet washed by tipping mower side up with air filter upwards, but struggle getting to certain parts. I have tipped the other way aswell to reach the parts missed but believe its not recommended. Is tipping rear end up a better method and if so, any suggestions how i can support the rear whilst in this position??

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    I'd suggest that using a wire brush on a fabric bag will make the situation worse and seriously shorten the life of the bag. I've never heard of anyone needing to wash them that regularly, but if I had to I'd leave the empty bag on the mower and use blower on full power from outside or failing that use the homeowners hose pipe ?

    If tipping sideways, make sure you know which way to go. We just use plastic kitchen spatula's to scrape any compacted wet grass out and then they get power-washed as when needed underneath.

    • Totally agree Gary blower full blast
  • If you only tip it about 45 degrees.........  I just put the petrol can under one side of the roller................ shouldn't be a problem which way you do it though if there's going to be a problem, it will be with the airfilter downwards. I'd never tip it on its side though or on end........there really is no need and can only lead to problems.. the oil is likely to run into the exhaust or the carb depending on which way you tip it.  As Gary says, a kitchen spatula (don't let the missus catch you!) is fine..... I use a 1" paint scraper.  You really don't need to be too fussy though about getting the last bits of grass off........... they really won't make any significant difference.

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    I've never cleaned the bag .... ever:)
    As for the underside that gets cleaned when the mower feels heavy when loading onto the truck.
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      A dirt bag with a dirty undercarriage then :D ?

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        :) well I'm not quite that bad with the underside that does get done fairly often but it is only when the thought occurs (i.e. Not very often!) which is why I mentioned the mower getting heavy!
        Maybe the mowers could pick up a bit better/easier but I've never had a problem with it. Long nasty wet grass excepted.
        My comment was meant more to illustrate that I think some people really do make their lives far too complicated:)
        Also I think as I use 6 mowers every week non of them actually get that much use
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          Tongue-in cheek, Richard, tongue-in-cheek. I'm sure you do take an occasional jetwash   shower.....

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            It's a shame you weren't so close to the truth!:)
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