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    I pay £120 through Direct Line for 5 mil. Get discount due to number of policies.

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    I've done mine recently and was huffing and moaning at the price rise this year, but looking at your quote maybe I shouldn't have, half your price mate , what are your excesses on the policy?
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      One business insurance
    • £250 I think ??
    • Who did you use Harry
    • I get my tools covered for that as well
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    Surely it depends on your business type classification as well, amoung a lot of other criteria ?

    It's very hard to do a direct comparison...

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    How much tools cover do you have?
    I've found that costs more than the pl!
    • 5 k
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        It's probably about right then.
        I use simply business that advertise on here.
        Easy to deal with and reasonable price.
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