Has anybody had chafer grub damage on their lawns this year caused by crows or badgers, if so what are people doing about control with the chemical method now banned?, does biological control really work?.

We have a large lawn 5550m2 is it easy to apply on an area this size, just wondered what peoples experience of bio control was and how they applied it to large areas. 

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to point out that Merit Turf is still available for sale until 30th April this year and end users have until 31st October this year to use up any remaining stocks.

    There is however very little stock remaining in the country, but anyone would like some, then please get in touch and will do my best to help you out.

    Cheers Ollie

    01673 252677

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      I don't think nematodes will work that great on lawns. They have been introduced for greenhouses
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        I think they have a mixed reputation as they demand ideal application weather and after-care for  perfect results whereas Merit Turf could be applied with some leeway regarding weather and practically forgotten. Sadly we don't have many options in this area..

        Nematodes are a good organic alternative and different 'worms' are bred specifically for each pest so all things being equal they should work ok.....

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    Well done agrigem, a real find - have ordered some for stock.

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      Andy if you run out, I can point you in the direction of my supplier in the south of Ireland. As far as I'm aware merit isn't getting removed down there... (yet)

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    Forget chafer grubs, some groundskeepers in France have to contend with boar digging up their pitches:

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      Am I right in thinking that being a organic product Nemasys G - Organic Chafer Grub Control can be applied professionally without undertaking spraying training and being qualified.

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        Its not a pesticide but this is the HSE definition:

        Biological pesticide: A micro-organism, including parasites or diseases, that is used to control pests weeds and diseases. Any micro-organism, including viruses, must be approved before it can be used as a pesticide. Larger organisms, such as insect predators or nematodes do not have to be approved as pesticides. However, non-native species may be subject to other legislation.

        It does not appear on the Biocides/ COPR list either so is suitable for non-professional application

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    I understood that the insecticide Sven (also called Sumi Alpha) can be used for chafer grubs, leatherjackets too. Any comments from Agrigem or Progreen on this? Thanks.

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      Sven/ Sumi Alpha - only apply in August - grassland. Meant for aphids in Ag crops but also larvae of March flies in Grassland - not specifically for Chafer grub larvae..

      From the  Sven label (going off sale in august 2017)

      GRASSLAND (INCLUDING SEED CROPS), PASTURES, MANAGED AMENITY TURF AND TURF PRODUCTION Reduction in damage due to Bibionid fly larvae Rate of use: 300 ml in 600-1000 litres of water per hectare. Time of application: Apply in the autumn. Do not apply slurry or farmyard manure before application. Rain after application may assist control. For thresholds and further information consult your specialist adviser. Maximum of one application per crop. Treated grass should not be used for grazing or cut for feed within 14 days of treatment. Sports field must not be trodden on for up to 5 days after application.

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