Cats pee patches on Lawn

Need advice - new lawn laid a few months ago by myself at my mothers, topsoiled, feed at time of laying.

Father watered the lawn daily as if Noah.

I know it needs fertilising, and they have been cutting it a little to short but their choice.

The patches are an issue! History lesson - patches are a result of cats wee (my mothers cats). Patches have been "repaired" using patch repair, peat, seeded, twice with no luck. Mother put wire over the top to stop them no luck. Getting worse by the day. Any suggestions


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    Woah that is some serious urine!

    They could try some Dog Rocks in the water bowls, they work on cats too but with varying success. (

    Alternatively there are various scented products you can scatter on the grass to deter cats but that will affect dogs, hedgehogs etc too.

    Maybe get a drinking fountain in the house to encourage the cats to drink more and thus dilute the urine a bit? This is also better for their urinary health in the long run.

  • PRO

    Thank you Daisy, so besides watering the cats. How on earth do i repair the lawn

    • PRO Supplier

      Your previous attempts to repair might have only failed because the urine is still very strong in the soil. It could take some time for it to be leached away. Watering the patches will help speed this up.

      When you do re-seed try to use the same species that you already have in the turf otherwise you could end up with patches of different colours and leaf types.In my experience the "patch repair" products often contain quick growing ryegrasses, not ideal for every lawn.
      The turf supplier should be able to tell you what species are in the turf that was laid.

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    Create a dedicated area as a cat loo.

    The rest of the lawn sprinkle with this

    This definitely works.

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    That is seriously strong cat wee. Are you sure they isn't something like chafer grub which could have been in the turf and can cause damage like this.
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