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    I saw that and I think that unless cash itself is taken out of circulation they have no way at all of stopping it! Be interesting to see how they think they can make it work though. I do keep thinking about getting a card reader but it's not worth it as 90% is either cheque or bank transfer anyway. The 10% is pensioners who won't use the internet and still pay cash for everything it seems preferring to walk round with cash in their wallet/purse. My mother and father in law are prime examples, they refuse to even use cash machines!
    Might level the playing field a bit I suppose
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    Over the last 10 years I'd say cash has gone out of favour as a payment method for myself anyway, 95% of my clients now pay by bank transfer, 4% by cheque and only 1% by cash, my clients don't carry cash anymore which I'm pretty happy about because it means less hassle with banking etc, as Richard says, bring it on , it may level the playing field a little...
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    A good move for those working in the gig economy , as long as those workers can retain their flexibility its a step in the right direction  . 

    A report mentioned the public should expect to pay more for inexpensive services , This can only give rise to a booming black economy imo . 

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    I have been self employed virtually my whole working life and generally I find people don't have the vaguest idea about what self employment is.

    On the radio this morning a reporter said "It will be the end of paying the window cleaner in cash" ,that is not what the discussion about the gig economy is about, it is about employment law and taxation, paying the window cleaner in cash is just settling the bill.

    Andy B.
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      great point Andy. They seem to have shifted the debate away from the protection/benefits that should be provided for those pseudo -employed workers who are on self employed arrangements with the likes of Uber and Deliveroo to the genuinely self employed people and how they transact for their services. It's not about cash-in-hand payments, it's about employee protection. All well and good telling the punters to pay by PayPal etc - have you seen what they skim? I charge a 3% premium on all invoices for customers to pay by card or PayPal. They can avoid this by transferring direct to my bank account (well the business account, not mine!!)

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        This! It's about getting the large employers who engage staff without paying any holiday pay or national insurance, thus gaining an advantage over more reputable employers.

        Whether or not anything comes of it is another matter.

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      Paying the window cleaner in cash is only settling the bill ( as far as the inland revenue is concerned) if that cash payment is placed into the books and tax and NI is paid on that amount, if cash is somehow made obsolete then there will be no room for hiding monies away from the taxman which will in turn bring in more revenue for the taxman... To add, I'm not saying window cleaners aren't honest , as far as I'm concerned it is any trade/ business... or am I totally off point and misunderstood the whole situation?
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    I find it very insulting when people expect a discount for paying cash and domestic people get quite stroppy when I say I do not reduce the bill for those paying cash, neither do I increase the bill for those by card. Though I do avoid large card payments and would prefer a large cash payment or bank transfer to save the 2.75% fee, cheques are still welcome, but cash and transfer are not prone to bounce. &lt;br/&gt;<br/>
    The issue with Deliveroo and similar firms is very easily resolved, if they are paying people on a self employed basis then the pay rate has to include enough money to cover holidays and sickness. &lt;br/&gt;<br/>
    The simple truth is the pay rates are just not high enough.&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
    Andy B.
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      Totally agree. ^^^
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        Also in agreement , They see the self employed as just an army of window cleaners , delivery people and manual workers putting cash in their back pockets , What about the thousands of enterpreneurs , and self employed professionals , solicitors , medical consultants , millionaire authors , actors and musicians who are self employed , they like to stigmatise the people who do manual jobs it seems .

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