I'm looking for a chainsaw for shrub and small tree pruning. Needs to be able to cope with the occasional thicker branch or trunk. First thoughts are Stihl but just wondering if there are any other chainsaw brands and models out there worth considering?

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    I keep a Stihl MS171 for just that purpose (although tecnically from their domestic range) it has never let me down. It uses the same micro-pico chain as their Pole Pruner which helps with spares etc. With a 12in bar it is reasonably delicate. Allied to the fact they are rediculously cheap.

    Anything larger I use our MS261 or delegate to tree associates.

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    Husky 236 and a separate stihl pole pruner. Both do exactly what I want.
  • I really would stick with Stihl................ they've been manufacturing them for so many years they really do know what they're doing and I've always found their stuff very reliable. Should you need any, spares are readily available and there's a good dealer network for repairs though hopefully, you shouldn't need them. I use an MS260 with a 16" bar,

  • Ms211 is what I have for such tasks
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    Echo CS281WES

  • Stihl MS150T - its great pruning saw, especially useful for renovating fruit trees and topping/reducing old hedges.

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      Do you need a CS38/39 etc for a top handled saw ?

      • To use one commercially, yes.  I would generally only use mine if I was pruning/cutting from the tree/hedge itself.

        An MS171 would make a good alternative, even if climbing.  They are relatively cheap and more than adequate for most small jobs.

        Personally, when working on smaller trees and shrubs, a Silky Gomtaro would be my first choice though.

        • You still require the cs38/39 to operate any top handle chainsaw regardless of what your standing in.

          silkys are the way to go even if you have the tickets for pruning, i tend to use mine more than my 201t

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    I've got 2 ms170 for the small stuff.
    I chose over the 171 as it has old fashioned chain tensioning which is about the only thing that breaks on the 171 I was told by the dealer.
    The first one has a broken oil pump which I need to fix but that saw is 15 years old!
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