Can you advise?

I am involved in the management of a recreation ground and have been asked to white line the football pitch. All the equipment and paint will be provided it's purely the physical marking out. My question, as a bloke who has never played footie, is how many times does the pitch get marked. This is a low level weekend league club and it is on a public space.Could someone give me an idea of the ideal and/or actual number of times in a season the pitch gets marked out?Thanks

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    I use to mark out pitches for our local youth teams and they requested once a week. Early Saturday mornings before games. it's a fairly quick process in all honesty in my opinion once you have marked it out the first time. 

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    Hi Andy

    At Bawden Managed Landscapes we look after a number of pitches for a variety of clients all with different requirements.  I would say that you might after the initial marking which is time consuming to get right it is worth doing a quick overmark every week, as Matt suggests, if you can just before a game rather than losing the lines and having to start with an initial mark all over again.  You might be able to stretch to two weekly but it really depends on the use the pitch gets, the weather and the thickness of the grass sward.  If it is very thin and a lot of the marking paint is going onto mud it wont last very long at all.  Also I know that some referees (FA) are now requiring marking to be very visible for games and is checked as part of the pre match run through.  Hope this helps.

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  • I would follow the official guidelines set out by the NFL the customer should no problems with that!!
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      If I mark out to the NFL the FA might be just a lttle bit miffed! In USA speak this is soccer not football, or in UK speak Football not American Football. Please bear in mind I played Rugby all my youth (and have the scars to prove it) i have never ever played or watched a game of football. It just wasn't done to use a round ball in my school!
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