Hi everyone, I'm a plantsman, lawns are not really my area of expertise so thought I'd ask a question to the lawn experts among us, can you revive a lawn full of moss and weeds with lawn treatments alone? I am being asked frequently by prospective new clients if I can do these treatments but not along side any Scarifying or hollow tine work. Can this be done? I was always under the impression that you had to try and solve the problems behind the unkempt lawns first rather than just throw loads of chemicals at them? Many thanks in advance. Harry

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    It's pointless to generalise - many lawns have different needs and what will work well for one will often fail on another. Assess each one and make a plan.

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    Regarding mowers and compaction, i would say that a roller mower spreads the weight much more effectively than a 4 wheeler. All the weight on thin wheels just leads to wash boarding especially if you mow with the wheels in the same place year in year out. I have seen it happen on customers lawns where they only use light weight mowers. It becomes a pain when scarifying as the dips dont get scarified as well (sometimes not at all) and it looks bad.

    Roller mower every time for me and forget ride on mowers completely unless there is no other cost effective option. Makes me laugh when i see people mowing small lawns with a ride on.

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    Yes, but it means getting worse before better;

    Try mowing the lawn to the lowest you can first, then treating with a HIGH N fertilizer, leaving to 3 inches or so then returning to normal mowing height, This will help the lawn tiller, repeat 2 or 3 times and you should find the lawn thickens up nicely.

    If the ground is compacted, and they wont work on it, point out grass needs to be their first, and oversead with fescues, these are compaction tolerant compared to bents and ryegrass (Tall fescue especially so).

    You will never get the same result as with doing it properly in one hit, but you should be able to get 75%.

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    Long time no see David. Glad to see you still pop in here.

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    easy answer is NO

    however it depends what result you want over what period of time

    it's unlikely that you will get away without some repair work, scarification, seeding etc.

    Try to understand from your client what it is they want to achieve. How long they are prepared to wait and what they think it will cost. then you will see if you can work within their expectations

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    Best thing customer can do is spend on a feed program overall weed and feed with moss control works very well. To answer the post question yes you can but ive managed to only ever remove moss with aeration and moss controls as you need to get more oxygen into the rootzone and if the customer does not mow correctly and regularly you may end up having to light scarify and or inlcude bio stims or thatch eaters. In many cases less is more many lawns just need aerating and feeding correctly to increase the beneficial fungi and bacteria (if not there start adding them) but moss will come back without ph adjustment if very acidic and thatch management as sure as leaves will fall in autumn if you dont eliminate the cause of the moss which always costs as your correcting multiple things. Id say 80% of it is simply teaching your customer good mowing practice plus not being tight on your treatments you get back what you put in as daisy says it costs.  

  • I am sounding out my customers (, all purely grass cutting), regarding paying for a full lawn care service. It's early days but I have had an 80% success rate. This would be on a yearly contract paid monthly. <br/>
    The problem I have seen in the market is lawn treatment companies large and small pumping huge amounts of nitrogen and iron into lawns with no regard to how the lawn will cut and low entry grass cutting guys without the skills or knowledge to treat grass. You can't in my opinion just sprinkle shite on a lawn and get a good result and the large treatment companies charge huge money to scarify a lawn which most customers won't pay. I imagine the first year will be hard work but once I am on top of it it will be easier and I project a 60-70%increase I profit if I can get my customers to move over to it.
    • Sounds like a great idea Graeme, are you including Scarifing in your service?  I can't understand how companies can get away with charging that much for it as they cost next to nothing to hire.  

      • Yes I want to give a full lawn care service. So scarifying and aeration every year. Up here in the frozen north my grass cutting season in 7 months so I am having my customers pay the same for the other 5 months for the above plus weeding feeding and moss/pH treatments this should really increase my turnover and profit
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        Best of luck to you guys well there's other costs involved and when you do big lawns it's hard work and if you have to pay staff there's pension holiday sick pay insurance fuel repairs all the costs people over look when you run a business there are other costs which is why prices are high. Again if your too cheap you will find yourself in negative cashflow.
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