But why not landscapers?

Electricians are earning as much as £3,000 a week as they cash in on a chronic shortage of skilled workers across the country.

That amounts to £156,000 a year – around six times the average wage and more than the £150,000 earned by the Prime Minister.

Plumbers and bricklayers are also benefiting, with wages rising by as much as 10 per cent in the past 12 months. 

Plumbers can earn as much as £2,000 a week, while brickies can bring home £1,125 – more than £50,000 a year.

The pay bonanza, revealed by recruitment firm Manpower, comes amid increasing demand for new homes across the country at a time when skilled workers are in short supply.

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        • We are in the maintenance business and we don't do any work for less than £35 per man hour, (and in some cases a lot more). If you aim at the type of customers that you want, then they will refer others to you that are in the same bracket and want the same service. 

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            That's impressive ~ £280 per man per day on maintenance

            Huge profits then ?  Lance must be raking it in :)

            • Plus £10.50 per bin of leaves. The customers may as well just hand over the deeds to the house.

            • £35 per man hour is the rate for the actual time on the job, and this reduces because of the amount of drive time. 

              As time goes past we are concentrating our marketing on a specific area to reduce drive time to a minimum and productive time to a maximum, and hope to get every day to have more than six hours of chargeable production.

              If during the day the crew is productive for six hours then the average turnover for the days is £35 x 6hours per crew member.

  • There is a difference between landscapers and gardeners as there are two different skill sets. Generally speaking landscapers will be earning more than gardeners but by how much I don't know. I recently asked a landscaper to give me a quote to build a retaining wall and he charged me a very reasonable £110 a day plus materials. To me it was very cheap and I am afraid to say as a customer I will probably take his quote and ask him to build the wall. I was expecting £150 at least a day. To me he undersold himself and I have taken advantage of his cheapness.
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      Hopefully he won't take 20 days to build it :P

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        Why not Landscapers ?  Possibly because people live indoors and we cannot really function without , Running water , Gas and Electric .  

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    I don't know where the Daily Mail has lifted this story from.

    Manpower Electrician Salaries in the United Kingdom |
    See Manpower salaries collected directly from employees and jobs on Indeed.
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      Exactly why I posted the second link Andrew..

      I suspect 150k is a turnover figure and not take home pay.
      Manpower Electrician Salaries in the United Kingdom |
      See Manpower salaries collected directly from employees and jobs on Indeed.
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    Do you count a Ferrari driving block paving driveway company boss as a landscaper?

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