Briggs & Stratton engines....grr

I have two 21" mowers - a Toro and a John Deere. Both have B&S engines and both are a complete pain!

After they have been run for 20 minutes or more (so basically all my grass cuts) they get very hot and won't restart. I have to wait at least half an hour to an hour for them to cool down enough to get going again. The John Deere is back at the workshop being examined but they can't see anything wrong. It's really stressful at clients when your expecting the damn things to stop working!

I'd advise gardeners to think twice before buying a mower with one of these engines. I wish I'd stuck to Honda.......

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    Try champion plugs instead of NGK.....
    • LOL! The Deere had it's Champion plugs changed for NGK ones by the workshop last week! They said NGK are the best.....

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    Good point Nick about the plugs may also be worth checking the coil
    • Thanks Graeme. Apparently a new coil will be fitted in the next couple of days to the Deere so we will see if this does the trick!

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        It did the trick on my John Deere
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    Are these the newer generation (ish) of B and S engines with auto choke? A lot of these had issues from day 1 and will basically apply the choke when its not needed (ie hot engine), causing it to flood and not start.

    Carry a spare spark plug - only cost pennies - and change it next time it won't start to rule that out.

    • Thanks Adam - I will give that a go. Yep - they both have autochoke!

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    we've had some of these auto choke Briggs - and yes the choke has been the problem. Our mechanic showed us a trick: there is a small lever under the front engine cover top LHS if in front of the mower facing it - flick that whilst someone else pulls the starter and it normally bursts into life. Bit of a pain if by yourself and we avoid these engines in preference of Kawasaki and Honda

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    My advice in this situation would be, dig a really, really, really big hole, then take your engines and throw them in it, cover over and move on.... Obviously drain of fuel and oil first though.... Another example of ruining a good company, pissing about with the designs, the old engines are super, should have left them alone......
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