Brexit. Are we ready?

This week Theresa May will probably be invoking Article 50 to start the process of the UK leaving the EU. Are we ready for whatever the economic outcome will be? What will our future be post EU? I personally think in the short term it will be a bumpy ride for us all. As for the long term future, only history will tell us if we are successful.I know it's a topic that been 'done to death' and it many ways it's a very emotive subject but I think this is worthy of a discussion..........

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    Patios will still need laid, hedges will still need cut and driveways will still need built so I suspect this will only seperate the boys from the men going forward!

    • Gavin, in many ways I think essential gardening tasks will continue (hedge cutting and grass cutting) but I think when things are getting tough, home owners and commercial practices will review what's essential. They may put off projects such as the construction of raised beds or paths or a garden make over and just concentrate on keeping the garden in check. We will see what will emerge over the forthcoming months.
  • I suspect the Euro and the EU will fall apart without us paying in and even if we did stay in it would have only lasted years not decades.  Most of us use European machines and vans/trucks which i'm sure they will only be to happy to sell us even after article 50.  Low interest rates have helped with borrowing and finance in the last few years, that may or may not be the one area that changes.  Whatever, making sure that your finance is in good order and you keep planning ahead will help with what i'm sure will be a bumpy ride!

    • I agree Ben with ensuring your business and home finances are in good health to ride out the possible rough ride over the next year or so. I hope for a smooth transition that will eventually mutually benefit the U.K. and Europe in the medium and long term.
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        I sense people are speculating , I have already noticed a downturn in new enquiries and people looking for a more competitive quote and experiencing strong opposition from the ones who do enquire but this could be due to other factors , fortunately i have an established bread and butter customer base to keep the wolf from the door but still finding it difficult to generate new opportunities . 

        I do sense people are reviewing what is essential and hedging their bets  the jury is still out on Brexit and i don't feel we can afford be be complacent .

        • That's my experience too. There's a general apathy to Brexit because not much have changed since the results in June. A kitchen fitter friend I know have said he's been flat out since June but have seen a discernible drop in enquiries with the run up to March.
  • it should have been invoked the day after the referendum results and it could have been over and don with now. we might be digging lawns up to make veg plots, erecting green houses dig for victory slogan rings a bell 

    • In theory you are right but something like this is so momentous and complicated that it need time to be put together. The simple truth is that no one expected to be leaving the EU. In many ways I can understand why people voted 'out' since our politicians did not listen to our concerns and likewise the EU did not listen to the British government/ UK citizens. Nor did the EU listened to our European counterparts. What amazes me is that the EU are too arrogance to compromise and perhaps reach an agreement with the UK to stop us leaving (if that's what we would want if there was another referendum). In many ways, with all the shenanigans of the last few months, we should just get on with it.......
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        This is the problem they are dragging it out and its creating uncertainty and they still cannot agree some saying we will be fine , others saying we will be doomed . 

        Interesting though that people withdrawing their savings is at an all time high since 1998 yet we are borrowing more according to what we are led to believe . 

        I don't think we were fully informed about leaving the EU because no one really knew the outcome and we were led to believe other countries would follow suit and we were leading the way but this not proving to be the case and you get the feeling we have lost our integrity and trying to redeem ourselves . 

        I reckon if we could vote again we would vote to remain .

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    It's impossible to be certain.There's so much smoke and mirrors going on.

    I do think the EU has both the heart and the power to make a scapegoat out of the UK in order to bolster it's own appeal for other countries joining or leaving. Kind of like "look what happened to the UK when they left" This in turn could boost the globalists argument for  the need of a centralized union and subsequently pull more countries in.

    So with that being said,I do see potentially,a very rough ride ahead. As others have said,being resourceful and adaptable is key.

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