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      That did make me chuckle:)
      (The not answering the phone bit!)
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        It wasn't meant to sound like that Richard!

        I always think that text messages and emails can very easily become mis-interpreted when people cannot hear the tone of your voice!

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          I know it's just made me laugh:)
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    Sorted now
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      Would be great if you could let us all know the outcome? I'm sure there will be lots of interest on the LJN search engine for the chemical treatment of box blight in the future, many thanks Harry
  • Signum and Opera professional fungicides work well. Need PA1 and PA6 to apply.

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    Apologies for the delay Marcus, very busy with training. Glad we got it sorted in the end.

    Hope to speak to you again soon

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      Can you relay the outcome.... Or at least what you would recommend?

      Many thanks

  • Frankly, I would remove the affected box hedge and put it on a bonfire immediately to reduce infecting other box plants in the garden. Also rake off the dropped leaves on the soil and remove a couple of inches of the soil and replant with another species of hedging such ilex crenata. In my view, the use of chemicals is pointless as it is only a suppressant and will never in my mind be a healthy hedge. One of my clients bought in a some box hedging against my advice and 6 months later, all the box hedges (including the mature ones in the garden) became infected. The whole lot was dug up and put on a bonfire. Happily, the replaced hedging is beginning to settle in ok after 4 years. Just my opinion.
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