Blue tooth headsets

I have just bought a blue tooth headset/ear defenders. I am aware or the posts regarding people's issue with listening to music etc while working but as a sole trader the ability to answer a call as soon a customer calls makes a huge difference to my customer service levels.Does anyone else have a tip or one thing they did that really improved their business

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    I have stopped answering the phone and condensed my client list which allows me to focus fully on valued clients and its helped improve work / life balance more than anything else although the outcome from a business point of view has yet to be realised but on the other hand its a time to contemplate and allows for some flexibility and allows time to explore new opportunity , At a crossroads really .

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      I do this too, John. I just crack on with what I'm doing and only look at the phone/make calls etc.when it suits me. I find this is more efficient from my point of view.
  • As lovely as the posts above are, I don't believe they answer your question.

    If you're a sole trader, especially if you're a new sole trader, you're in a position where you need to get as much business as possible. I think this is a very good idea and one you should stick with. What is your specific line of work?

    • I am a sole trader been working for 6 years and cut grass 90% of the time, but with some subcontractors for landscaping jobs which I don't enjoy.<br/>
      I have found that when I used to get back to the van and had six calls I would rush to the next job instead of answering the calls. Now I can answer immediately and I find it less stressful.
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    My tip would be don't pay for a fancy Peltor  bluetooth ear defender set when basic aux in ear defenders and a cheapy Bluetooth dongle do the same thing.

  • Its also worth bearing in  mind that a customer can get a bit impatient if you keep breaking off from your work to talk on the phone + do you  really want to be wearing ear defenders all the time?.............. I just leave a message on an answerphone apologising that I'm unable to answer their call at the  moment but will contact them when I return to my office after 5pm. Works fine with me and you can do all the calls together with your diary in front you which seems a lot more efficient.

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