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is there any way of filtering the blog posts ? other than random searching ? going back page at a time is going to take a while 

just by accident came across  Pip Howards series of posts and wondered how many other informative subject blogs i have missed prior to joining 

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    Sadly Dan there isn't.

    There is currently a problem with LJN site search (which is being worked on) that limits search results to just one page, otherwise you can use the search bar at the top.

    Funnily enough, blogs get a lot of traffic but they do so via Google search, external to LJN.

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      p.s. we're working toward a fix on LJN site search so bear with me:)

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        Good to hear Phil, I find the Search really useful

  • You could use this search string in google, this will show all the pages indexed... could be a few thousand though.

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      Nice one Andrew;)

      Just to take this a bit further, you can add a few search terms to the front to refine your search i.e. 

      mower rotary

      mower rotary - Recherche Google
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        what would be handy would be some way of filtering the blogs into commercial / educational / personal/discusional etc 

        those pip howard posts are between 3 and 8 years old i think -- and it seems there must be others similar which you wont find unless you are searching for specific subjects, where as sometimes its nice to read something you weren't looking for 

        mower rotary - Recherche Google
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