• Can't really go wrong with a LWB vivaro/traffic. 2 tonne towing capacity, car like to drive, plenty of choice and value compared to a VW T5.
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    One that pulls way more than 2 tonne. SWB Iveco would be my choice.

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    The trailer you reference (TT2515) has an unladen weight of approx 750KG and gross weight of 2700KG - would suggest a heavy duty ie rear wheel drive van would be more suited to this if often running at full weight. 750kg of 'dead weight' pulling away is a severe test on a front wheel drive clutch and vivaro and trafic gearboxes and clutches are known to be not very heavy duty at all.

    Second Ivecos - I used to run one of the older generation ones, a heavyweight twin wheel version and it often (and legally) towed 3 tons without issue.

    • Hi Adam,

      Cheers for that, can you get a smaller Iveco as not wanting massive van? Usually would be just putting over tonne in it for picking up materials or more tonnage be handy right enough.
      • This is were I agree with you, my Vivaro is pulling a twin axle 12ft by 5 ft cage sided trailer, but the only thing ever in it is branches and leaves. I do second Iveco as a van, but if bit hauling the trailer 5 days a week consider what van will suit both purposes.
        • Yeah usually only 1.5 tonnes and then would use skip for bigger loads we are thinking. Vivaro could be option as don't want massive van.
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            A SWB iveco is only slightly larger than a swb transit.

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    Look at loads on rear axle as well. Suspect if your carrying much weight in the van, you'll be maxing the rear axle load on a vivaro to capacity with a badly loaded trailer.

    Also, (and likely wrong!), but in the back of my mind I thought there was something about the vehicle had to be rated capable for the max trailer rating.

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