• For strimming and edging around lawns I have used 2.4mm of various makes and designs with no real difference in any respect. However having recently purchased a new Stihl FS50 bent shaft strimmer it came with 2mm Stihl line installed and it lasts just as well as 2.4 line and does a better job particularly at lower speeds. I guess it takes less centrifugal force to straighten the line out thereby enabling a straighter, neater cut at lower speeds. Lower speed use equals less broken glass.
  • I use oregon 2mm line and am happy with it we lawns so mostly for edging. My brother run out of line once a couple of years ago and got some out of B&M he has been using it ever since!!! Says it's cheap and runs so fast that it cuts really well. I haven't tried it so can't confirm first hand
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      What's B&M?

      • Cheap stack it high and sell it cheap shop. Like a small version of the range
  • I have found whisper X to be the best I've used
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    Can anyone please advice me as to what type of line would be best for brambles etc?

    I will be using a Stihl FS400.

    Thank you, Craig.

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      I tend to use a blade depending on the site .

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        Thank you John, I'll give it a go with the blade. 


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          If the blade doesn't suit you try Oregon flexiblade goes up to 7mm I think. Needs a jet fit head.
          But stops the dangers of hitting something hard in long grass with a blade
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            I use oregon 7mm all the time, but I am using it on en echo 520 which is a bit more powerful than a fs 400. It's fantastic line and great really for all brushcutting from thick grass upwards.

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