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    Depends on so many factors

    - Type/power of strimmer
    - Intended vegetation: ie grass -> scrubland

    What's your planned use ?

  • vest majority of strimming i do is just going round lawn edges etc but do get a number of lawn grass jobs throughtout season to, be lightweight commercial strimmers 1kw power max, with 2.7mm max size of line it would take but would probably use 2.4mm more as thats max 2nd strimmer can take

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    We tend to use Titanium X 2.7 in most of the strimmers. Find it lasts well and can cut aggressively if needed.

    Keep whatever you buy, in the shade, cool and damp. Only bring and use what you need.

    We have some eco strimmer cord we use at one particular site that self degrades as used, seems to work well.

    Some of the cheap stuff found on various auction sites does not last (no provenance, storage etc).

    Buy from a recognised stockists...

  • found husqvarna trimmer line to be best value locally and prefer it over stihls, just wondered if there was anything better and or cheaper

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    we use atleast 3mm line, i buy whatever i get the best price on. ive found they are mostly the same with marginal gains regarding the shape, star, square round etc.

    we used the 3mm with metal wire in the middle, it was a little more durable but not by a huge amount

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    3mm is good but you need the power to run it.

    If you've only ever edging or cutting light grass you can use suitable power unit and 2.4/2.7 line (cheaper, less fuel used etc).

    However, we find the X profile very good for our use.

    Like mowers, vans etc there is no one right answer, it has to be horses for courses :-)

    Some good info here

  • I use one from Screwfix. It is a round line with ridges along it for extra cutting power. At £9.99 for 56m it works out well and I have found it to be pretty durable even in heavy use (brambles etc).


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    We use diamond edge pro strimmer line 2.7mm with a stihl fs56 cowhorn and it works well for most jobs.

  • I use stihl quiet line in 2.4 mm for light trimming and for the really thick grass a poly cut which is fantastic and uses less fuel. I also use the poly cut when I do a grass bank as I find i can get a much better finish

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    At Bawdens we use Trail Blazer cord 434 metre spools gauge 2.4mm, our teams like it and it is good value.  The cord is available to purchase from Fencing Essentials with free delivery and some great pricing.

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