Best strimmer cord

Hi everyone just a quick question to see what people class as the best cord to use for our strimmers. Im sick of buying 'the best cord going' and it being shit so thought id see what everyone else uses cheers lads

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    Hi I use various ones but the normal one that gets used 90% of the time is stihl square 3.0mm (yellow) as you get use it for nearly everything.
    I've got 2.4mm 2.7mm and then various sizes of Oregon flexiblade from 4.0mm to 7mm.
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    I use an Eco friendly biodegradable strimmer line called Biofil, Oregon make an equivalent, it's good stuff but slightly more brittle than you standard 2.4 and 3.0 cords, I guess this would probably fall into your "shit" category, haha, but it ain't easy being green ;-) I would still definitely recommend this cord though....
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      Genuine question harry!
      If you end up using loads more of this eco stuff is it not in itself not very eco friendly as it still has to be manufactured?
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        Haha, that is a good question mate, when I say it's slightly more brittle I mean you may go through an extra 5ft in a season compared to the equivalent Stihl, I'm not a huge user of strimmer cord, a 90 metre spindle lasts me a couple of years haha
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          I use an average of about 400M of the 3mm square and a tenth of that in the other sizes I use.
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            A year? Wow haha
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              Sorry yes a year! I use 10m or so a day when grass cutting the villages. It's hitting hard stuff all day. Walls lampposts street signs etc. On the domestic stuff I bet I'm the same as you the 3mm cord lasts ages and rarely needs advancing off the spool in gardens
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                It's not as much as that but you get the picture
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                  Yeah I get it haha, this would definitely be one of those "costings" people might not take into account with commercial maintenance contracts, all the small amounts add up..
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                    £35 a year or thereabouts in case your interested:)
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