Best /preferred mower for wet weather

Hi all. Been a member for a while but not posted anything. Great forum though and full of information.I currently run my own business, just working on my own, qualified horticulturist and arborist but now I mainly do lawn mowing and treatments.I'll leave the arb work to the younger guys with unbroken bodies.I've been through the search function looking for the best/preferred wet weather mower ( and other versions of wording it) and the ones I've found are 4 years or older.So my question now is .....As the new mowing season approaches, what will be your preferred wet weather mower??I have to cut when wet. No work = no pay.Most answers were Etisia or Viking.I have looked at both and noticed that this years viking mowers have dropped in HP for the machines.What machine will you go for?I already have a 4 yr old Viking mb448 and a year old duocut Etisia.

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                  I agree...speed is important. Hayter Pro like a funeral march, Weibang better but still feels like a gentle stroll
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    im fairly new to this, but this Cobra seems to be doing a good job!!?

    • As someone who uses a Honda with a fabric bag, my problem is after a couple of hours of mowing the fabric blocks the air flow then the pick up is rubbish. I might be wrong on the science of that - but the video although shows a good job, I worry after 3 hours of mowing weather I could get half or 2/3 full bags. The Cobra looks surprisingly good, I have seen cobras but never used, always look good value - noisy though?
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        Good point re fabric bag Alexander
      • Quick wire brushing sorts it our ;-)

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        If you look carefully the catcher was only half full when he went to empty it - it looked full as he pulled it off the mower, but it wasn't. Much like my Honda in the wet.

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        Sounds like he's got that Cobra revved up to the max.Mine is quieter and slower even though we had it tweaked shortly after it was purchased.

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