Best /preferred mower for wet weather

Hi all. Been a member for a while but not posted anything. Great forum though and full of information.I currently run my own business, just working on my own, qualified horticulturist and arborist but now I mainly do lawn mowing and treatments.I'll leave the arb work to the younger guys with unbroken bodies.I've been through the search function looking for the best/preferred wet weather mower ( and other versions of wording it) and the ones I've found are 4 years or older.So my question now is .....As the new mowing season approaches, what will be your preferred wet weather mower??I have to cut when wet. No work = no pay.Most answers were Etisia or Viking.I have looked at both and noticed that this years viking mowers have dropped in HP for the machines.What machine will you go for?I already have a 4 yr old Viking mb448 and a year old duocut Etisia.

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    i have to cut when wet or id never get lawns cut ( being from scotland ) lol... id have to say  Etisia 

  • I am in scotland as well so very wet i have had both a viking and etesias the viking broke down every few weeks one of the etesais I have is over ten years old and still going strong and collects in the wet until you have to pack it in because the ground is getting soft. I have also learned that sometimes when you want to give a good service you are better off going down the pub and coming back when its drier
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    I'm interested myself, for I too am a soaked scotsman ;)
  • Not much drier in Northern Ireland so awaiting good advice. Though keeping the bag or collector clean and the blade sharp is just as important as the make.
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    etesia duocut

  • Northern Ireland, Scots and me being Welsh, is it only the celts who cut in the rain?? Lol.

    Seriously though, thanks for the replies, seems like I'm already on the right track though.

    What do you use to keep your wet grassbox clean though. I usually just use my hands and have very green fingers by the end of the day.
    • Small jet washer or on the plastic etesia box a stiff brush works well in in the dry weather
  • How about best mower for cutting in the wet with a roller. ???
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      Hi Chris, Have a look at this short video. This chap has always used Honda Pro rollers

      This mower uses the same blade technology and deep galvanized deck

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        wow that is a good review - Jesus, the more I look the harder it gets to choose. I was gonna buy two Honda's yesterday, brand new. Then comments got me thinking of starting with cheaper mowers and upgrading as the customers come on board, keeping the cheaper ones for back-up. And now I watched this...!

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