Best /preferred mower for wet weather

Hi all. Been a member for a while but not posted anything. Great forum though and full of information.I currently run my own business, just working on my own, qualified horticulturist and arborist but now I mainly do lawn mowing and treatments.I'll leave the arb work to the younger guys with unbroken bodies.I've been through the search function looking for the best/preferred wet weather mower ( and other versions of wording it) and the ones I've found are 4 years or older.So my question now is .....As the new mowing season approaches, what will be your preferred wet weather mower??I have to cut when wet. No work = no pay.Most answers were Etisia or Viking.I have looked at both and noticed that this years viking mowers have dropped in HP for the machines.What machine will you go for?I already have a 4 yr old Viking mb448 and a year old duocut Etisia.

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        • When I finally got it to play, yes it was a good review. But I don't believe it was the atco 22sv.
          He looked like he lifted 47kg a little too easy, plus the engine looks different.
          The engine looks like the 43kg atco 19se.
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        The same blade technology as what please Gary?

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          Hi Stuart, well spotted! the mower that Tony used all of last season and will shortly be starting with again was the Liner 22SHV. when we shot the little video his workmate was using that mower so he talked around the Liner 19 SE. Neither of the machines are designed to be lifted by one operator but i didn't want to edit the video so added a message to that effect on the video.

          For info we fitted and engine hour meter to the machine and it clocked over 300 hours. I should also point out that these models do not have a blade brake so the engine is stopped and re-started every time the box is emptied.


          • hi gary, did the liner 19se perform as well as the 22, or was that there just for the video?

            did your man have an opinion on it?

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              Hi Stuart, Tony didn't use the Liner 19SE but another chap called Dave did. I haven't got a video of just Dave talking about his machine but he does feature in this one which includes all of the testers. They are all standing around a Liner 19SE because that was the mower that we took with us on the day but Dave (wearing a hi-vis and a purple T shirt) actually used it and will be using it again this season.


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          Hi Ian. The following Atco and Mountfield rear roller models Atco Liner 19 S, Atco Liner 19 SE, Atco Liner 22 SHV, Mountfield S501PD, SP505V & SP555V are all fitted with a 4 edge Stiga Twinclip blade (the yellow blade that you see on the video clip)

          I hope that helps.



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    Look at the Stiga Twinclip on it has a special 4 edge blade and a deep galvanised deck. It's a cracking wet grass mower.
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    Also worth having a look at the Weibang. Varying different models but my pick would be the Aluminium deck shaft drive! If your professional or use your mower in demanding conditions the build quality is great! Warranty to back it up as well!

    Collection in the wet is brilliant!

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