Best looking......

So, putting image before function - what is the best looking mower & colour in your mind ?

You know, the one you wouldn't be ashamed of when you take it out to meet your colleagues and friends.

Anyone do any Halfords styling, tinted bags, go faster stripes, performance tyres ?

Got to be the silver of the Danarm's, although the the stealth grey of the new Hayter Pros comes close ....

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  • Florabest from lidl......!!!!
  • PRO Supplier

    (Ferrari) red of the Toro...lovely curves!

    Brother in law had a garden tractor by Lamborghini...pale green...did not look right...

  • PRO

    I was thinking the Toro was more Alfa red...still, along the same lines.

    • PRO Supplier

      wishful thinking on my part..!   It was certainly red when I stuck my fingers in the side discharge chute......

  • PRO

    I really like the orange and black of the Kaaz Kubota's.

  • PRO

    I'd quite like a fleet a various Green & Yellow John Deere's Gary - just a shame the mowers run Briggs and aren't all that great by all accounts.

    I was however thinking of wrapping parts of my mowers as I had some vinyl left over from the van graphics, but there is such a thing as going too far :) 

  • PRO

    Nah, custom paint job would be going too far...

  • PRO
    Personally I really like the colour scheme and design of the old style Etesia pro 46s, have to be Honda engine version...
  • PRO

    A set of pram wheels for really long grass would be good and colour wise ''racing green'' would help to create some colour scheme linking when parked near adjacent herbaceous borders . 

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