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Hi everyone so my kombi unit has decided to work itself and only work when it wants so i obviously need a long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw so what is everyones reccomendations on a new unit is the km130 the way to go or just more money for nothing all advice much appreciated cheers

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  • Morning Adam. I'm sure most of the recommendations will be for the Stihl unit as extremely popular for good reason. Personally I've always used a Shindaiwa multi-tool (the M243S) and it has always meet all my needs. Extremely reliable and efficient. Not as powerful as that particular Stihl unit so not for everyone i'm sure, but I've found Shindaiwa tools well worth considering whenever I make a new purchase. All the best.

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    I'm thinking that if you already have the attachments then it makes sense to stick with the Stihl Kombi. Otherwise you'll be buying more than the motor.  I run 2 Stihl Kombis and alternate them if using 'em a lot,  both are KM94's. I know the 130 has more beef but mine are the simpler 2 stroke mix and I find them very reliable. (apart from those little white sleeve  thingys that fit inside the attachment!!!).

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    Having got a stihl combo that never leaves its storage area is say don't buy one as the separate tools are miles better and if the engine goes bang you've only lost that tool not all of them. A minority view though as loads of people will no disagree with everything I've just said:)
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    We've had a KM94 for a few months now and really like it.Being able to combine the hedge cutter attachment with the extension pole thus giving a 15ft long hedge cutter is brilliant! If I didn't buy another attachment for it,it would be worth having just for that alone.

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    I would say the KM94's are a good all round choice. Far better than the model it replaces, is still a 2Mix so simpler than the 4Mix. Not as quiet as the 4Mix but certainly better than the older 2 strokes. It has nicer controls. The KM100/130 still wins out for grunt especially when used with power sapping attachments. We have 5 power heads and the last two have been 94's as replacements.

    p.s. as mentioned some while ago, would be interested to hear how the new 4Mix models - KM111/131 - work out

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      The new 111 and 131 use the same enginess according to my dealer but have the new stihl design of ergonomics (like the 94)

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        Stihl are vague on the differences, but here's the exert from their earlier press release:

        "The next generation of Kombi engines now feature the updated 4-MIX engine. Simple to use, the KM 131 R offers maximum versatility, powering several different attachments for property and garden maintenance. These machines are easier to start, operate and maintain with their electronic engine control system and diagnosis feature."

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          In other words no way of fixing it yourself when it goes wrong!
          There's one to avoid imo
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