Be safe out there!

just a warning to everyone!

had an accident yesterday doing something so very simple yet it turns out quite dangerous!

got asked to do some stock fencing for someone something I don’t really do but good client so said I’d do it. Post basher ended up bouncing off the top of post and hitting me in the head instead!

so stay safe everyone!

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            Good to know you are okay Richard , You were probably rushing to get the job done , I suspect Santa will be bringing you a new safety helmet . Take care .

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              Thanks John. As for rushing a bit maybe but not too much. It was number 19 post of 20. So only another hour and a half maybe 2 to get the wire up. Easy job with 2 of us there on this one. Which brings up a good point in that I won’t be using one When working alone ever again! As for a helmet I’ve got one in the garage for hedge cutting and the small tree work I do (just lopping branches etc or the odd 12ft tree I take down!) but the thought of using a helmet for fencing has never occurred to me.
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    Lodge it with HSE and sue yourself :)))

    Seriously, assume from steri strips you’ve been checked out ?
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      There’s an idea!
      But yes been checked out had to have a ct scan as I was wobbling all over the place in a and e!
      The worst bit was when the nurse had to get tweezers and pull skin back straight as it had pushed up underneath itself from the hit!
  • Easily done i always wear a hard hat when using those things, makes you sweat though.

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    Bump caps - latest word in site fashion but it keeps the noggin' safe

    Image result for bump caps

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    I hope you'll feel better very soon Richard. A couple of places I've worked at in the last few years the gardeners thought post drivers were illegal because of so many accidents like this with them. Since found out that's not the case just that some people wont use them. 

    Makes me wonder, back in 1993 I worked in Heligan Gardens in Cornwall. The post driver they used had a 10lb sledge hammer head welded to the top...dangerous!

    On the subject of having accidents doing some simple job. My first employee in 1985 turned up for work with new safety boots. His first job was weeding through a border with hand tools. I heard later he had been taken to hospital. Apparently his foot had slid off the spade and the corner of the spade had gone through the leather into his instep. He needed 6 stitches at A&E. I thought it would have been a nice easy job for his first day!

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      They're safe as houses (both hands are kept well away from danger zone) so long as you don't lift them above your head. My first boss warned me about this...did I listen? Like heck. Hurts like hell.

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    It is so very easy to become complacent doing the same things every day. The mower height adjustment jammed and I yanked it in a rage , pulling the whole mower up on to my foot. I was EXTREMELY lucky but in shock at what I'd done and how bad it could have been.  

    I know I should wear steel toe caps but cant find any comfortable and light enough to walk 8-10 miles a day in. 

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      I seem to remember that picture from before but not how you did it. You were very lucky!
      Meanwhile my head still feels like it’s full of cotton wool!
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