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I notice that lots of you are using battery powered tools & they are pretty expensive.  Has anyone bought tools naked, without batteries & charger & then bought batteries elsewhere ?  I just have a suspicion that you can buy batteries for a lot cheaper that the machine makers sell them for.  Should be easy to make up a simple connector.

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    If you hate having a valid warranty I suppose you could do that.

  • Wouldn't effect it provided that you make an adapter that doesn't require altering the mower.

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      Hi Peter

      I think you will find using a non-original item with a product will void warranty as this could be the reason of fail buddy, that's why during a warranty period on anything you take it back to the dealer to repair instead of messing with it as this could also void a warranty contract.

      what you are suggesting is also beyond dangerous without the correct knowledge and training, look up poly lithium overcharge on youtube and this is what you could cause.

      normal lithium cells are vented which is why polymer cells almost explode during an over charge.

      if your making your own batteries without this type of knowledge then you could be walking around with a gas filled sealed container waiting to explode.

      this is why there is so many guide lines manufacturers have to follow to ensure all equipment is not only safe to use but also has as many forms of protection against dangerous situations.

      I can't stress enough just how much you are playing with fire, after reading your reply's etc im also assuming you know little about the battery technology and charging requirements for each type of cell there is ?


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        I'd say your wasting your time.
        As with other subjects my view on this is if he wants to blow himself up let him get on with it. We don't live in a police state yet:)
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            Hey, let's be careful out there..... (oldies will understand)

      • Assuming is never a good idea.  I am very safe & there is no likelihood of me becoming a bomb. I have been making up battery packs since the very first & pretty useless rechargeables appeared.

        Sometimes it's a necessity if you can't get OEM batteries.

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          I'm sure Samsung thought the same regarding thier batteries:)
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    I think that sounds bloody dangerous myself.
    Not that I'd use battery tools in the first place mind!
  • I make up battery packs for drills etc when the old ones fail.  Costs a lot less & they give a longer life

  • You can perhaps open up an old defective battery and replace a defective cell............. as for making up a complete battery unit, you need something that fits in the machine and the only way round that one is a genuine battery.

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