Bacterial innoculant for moss in lawns

Generally ferrous sulphate or k potassium is used to kill off moss in lawns apart from mobacter and maxwell bionik I was wondering if there was anyway to simply apply the bacteria required to break down dead moss that can't be removed from scarification. Anyone know of any other products apart from compost teas?

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    Hi Michael,

    We have a bacterial product - water soluble powder, just released for treating thatch in lawns. It speeds up the biological breakdown of dead organic material - very cheap at approx 1p per m2.
    If you have treated and killed the moss beforehand this will break it down quicker - Mobacter is just the same two step process in one bag - with the potash overdosing the moss and the bacteria breaking it down. Bacteria use is very temperature and moisture dependent so this time of year not great in most of country (apart from southern counties). see link below



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    Hi Richard,

    can you PM with with further details please - pricing and tank mix options / timing usage with weed control. We'd use 3Ha in late spring and potentially another 2 Ha in early autumn.

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