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                  So what you are saying is that Adrian has nothing to do with the business and the owner does not approve of him coming on here and talking about it?
                  If so it’s certainly weird but constantly picking at him for it when others don’t know is awkward too imo.
                  I agree that spouting text book nonsense is just that,unless you have actual proof that it has worked for you, but he’s not the only one that does it.
                  99% of people on here are likely to be better business people than me but I don’t crave to be rich and I do ok in my opinion at least.
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                    That's just it Richard, I don't know and when questions are asked by me, others etc there is no open response.

                    I've used information available to anyone to try to understand and I see inconsistencies.

                    Go back and read my last post..I just expanded it a little to help show what I mean.

                    Remember, LJN is about openness and peer to peer recognition...

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                      It does make some sense especially with some context.
                      Maybe it’s because I’ve read some (a lot) of the older threads and seen a lot of business school stuff (aimed at multinationals) from Adrian that I take all of these type post with a large pinch of salt!
                      Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut!!
                      The main reason I still come on here is that in the past i made monstrously big mistakes and 1 if I can help someone avoid doing the same I will but as much as that the next mistake could be around the corner and if I can avoid it by something I spot on here then I’d be stupid not to keep coming on.
                      As with any advice from anyone you’ve got to try and work out if it’s good or not.
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                      My feelings exactly. Not everyone does due diligence and acting on recommendations that you believe are relevant to your size/type of business can have serious consequences.

                      And no, don't keep your mouth shut :). It's people like you, me and others questioning, probing that helps clarify situations...

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    So what is the system then Adrian? Would be interested to compare to RG.

    • The system is part of SA which we have been running for the last four years. 

      Just had a look at Realgreen and from what I can make out from peoples comments it is for large companies. One person remarked in 2008 that he paid $4000 for a setup fee, so God knows what the price is now.

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    RG - it's now cloud based for a monthly fee per seat. By SA do you mean Service Autopilot?

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    I don't think Richard will ever keep his mouth shut...and I'm thankful for that

This reply was deleted.

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