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    Are these leads that have found you ? Or is it searching out for leads? I.e. What I'd call spam? Many thanks Harry
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    I've seen these companies work really well for PV/solar power suppliers and installers in the USA, the same for air conditioning maintenace in Dubai. 

    Essentially, you have a qualified lead thats already been priced and ready to go - however I think pricing for gardening work is a little more complex as there's rarely any standard technical specifications to go by.

    As Harry intimates, what is the definition of a qualified lead.

    • Hi harry.

      These are leads which you find yourself and then the software then sells to the lead. If it fails first time, it tries again at regular intervals.

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        Now that is what I’d call spam!!
    • Hi Mike.

      You've got the idea. 

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    Sounds a bit loose to me.
    • Its a very well researched system that has been built by people in this industry.

      I think it has got a lot going for it, and we are thinking of integrating the system with SA.

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        Got to hand it to you, that level of commitment to your Son’s business is a real lesson for us all.

        Have SA now released a full functional UK version ?
        • I don't know

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            I’m sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were using it across all your teams :confused: ?
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