Atco liner 19 vs Cobra RM48

Hi all, as the title says. I'm after a new 19 inch mower with a roller and have narrowed the choice down to these two models. If my budget stretched I'd have gone with a Honda. I have looked at both mowers and been impressed with them. Would the fact the Cobra has a Subaru engine put people off? Other than that they seem fairly bullet proof and work well in the wet. The improvements of the Atco and the fact it has a B&S engine are plus points.Any thoughts or comments appreciated!

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    I'd take a subaru over a B&S every time. Unless it was the twin cylinder vanguard B&S engines.

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      Me too the smaller b and s engines are cack these days!
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        Agreed, unfortunately the newer smaller B&S engines are not great, the only issue I'd have with the Cobra is the length of the mower, it's one long ass machine haha
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    Hi,what sort of money is the Cobra and can I ask what makes you thinks it's decent in the wet? I have one of the larger models and it's no better than anything else I have.Cheers.

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      They are around the £930 mark although I have sourced one from a supplier I have known for some years (done a lot of business with) at £800 inc vat.
      Re working in the wet I have a couple of friends who use them commercially and they rate them highly. which model do you use?
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        The one I have is the RM53SPH. I prefer my Honda HRD 536. The Cobra I find slow,heavy and cumbersome,the grass box is poor too being saggy with sharp plastic edges. The version you're refering to maybe very different of course so I'd be interested to know how you get on with it if you get one.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Interesting comments re the B&S engine. I like the atco for the double cutting blade but I'm leaning towards the Cobra even with its length!
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      I've only got one Machine with a b and s engine on now as they cause nothing but trouble in my experience.
      They need treating with kid gloves. They also drink fuel compared with Honda engines(that always start).
      But you won't go far wrong with the suburu engine.
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        Apparently the new B&S engines are almost impossible to re start  when hot , I have one to put to the test and dreading it . Time could be lost waiting for it to cool down in order to try and restart it , 

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          There's another reason not to buy!
          They ruined their engines when they went cheap on components.
          They were good at one time I remember some from the farm as a kid and they behaved quite well
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