Artificial Lawn Problem

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I'm not a gardener or landscaper, but I have 3/4 acre, with about 1000m2 of newly laid artificial grass.

I'm very concerned about the finished job. There are 2 area of lawn. A flat area of around 350m2, and an area of 650m2 on a slope.

The grass is a high quality product called Perfection from Hitech. It is  40mm in length.

With the areas in question there are 7 or 8 joins in each area. Almost all are 4m wide. There are no cross joins.

I have a few concerns.

The first is the joins, which are still visible after 6 weeks.

Second, there are lines going across some of the widths, that LOOK like cross joins, athough they are not.

Next is the grass just lies flat, even with just the weight of a ball. It does not bounce back.

There are lumps and bumps here and there, where either the ground was not levelled properly, or as I have noticed in others, sand has spilled and become compacted.

Lastly, we had a very heavy storm about 17 days ago. An overflow from our drains backed up onto the garden. There was a small amount of sewage involved, mostly underneath the grass. A landslip occurred, causing a gash in the sand underneath of around 6 inches in width, running the full length of one of the strips approx 10 yards. The contractor was told before hand about the position of the overflow. I told them not to fit up to it. They ignored this and fitted over it. It looked fine. The pipe had overflowed once before about 7 years ago, due to sanitary products being flushed down a loo in a secondary building which has a saniflo installed. The problem this time was just sheer volume of water that the drains couldn't cope with.

I bought the grass direct, as I was able to negotiate a better price than the contractor, the contractor was happy with that. He has been paid 85% of his fee even although I was only contracted to pay 50% after groundwork, and 50% on completion. He subcontracted the grass fitting to a guy who will not return calls. Thankfully he hasn't paid him.

My main argument with the contractor is that the joins are very visible. He says they will fade. I'm not so sure. No power brushes were used on the grass before or after the install. He used half of the sand recommended by the manufacturer. He added some more to the flat area and then power brushed it, but the improvement is minimal. I  myself have now bought a power brush, but will not use it until this guy comes back and says the job is complete.

The lines that look like cross joins; until I'm satisfied that the job has been installed correctly, I can't really say if there is an issue with manufacturing. I suspect there is still not enough sand on the job, but I don't know.

I'm trying to learn as much as possible about installing this product, but there are various ideas.


1. Should I see joins? If so, how noticeable? Will they go away? If so, when?

2. Should the grass spring back immediately from the weight of a ball, or a dogs toy, or a garden hose?

3. Does anyone know of anyone in the west of scotland who could come and give me a straight forward unbiased opinion on the standard of the job, and of the grass?

Your help would be so appreciated, and help me take this forward.

The contractor is a proper landscape gardener, recommended by my previous gardener.

Thank you


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    • thanks Jason. Much appreciate the succinct answer.

  • maybe watering with a dilute viagra solution would help the artificial grass spring back upright? seriously though i hope it gets sorted to your satisfaction. shame when a major project like this goes wrong.

    • That would only last for a day Billybop.....

      Try the questions

      1. Should I see joins? If so, how noticeable? Will they go away? If so, when?

      2. Should the grass spring back immediately from the weight of a ball, or a dogs toy, or a garden hose?

      3. Does anyone know of anyone in the west of scotland who could come and give me a straight forward unbiased opinion on the standard of the job, and of the grass?

      • PRO Supplier
        Hi Paul, you could try Sports Labs who are based in Scotland.

        They specialise in sports surfaces however are professionals when it comes to Artificial Grass product and installation.

        Speak with Sean or Craig, they will talk you through the options

        Cheers M
        • Hi Matthew,

          I was hoping you would chip in. I'll get in touch with them. Thanks for the advice.


      • PRO
        It won't spring back immediately, in order for it to feel soft to the touch the pile can't be too stiff. However once it is sanded properly you should notice a difference.
  • Hi everyone, I'm back with an update. The owner of the grass supplier came up to give an opinion on the job. He reckons the ground work is fine, but says that many of the joins have been poorly done. He reckons it's an almost impossible task to move each length closer to the next and to trim new joints due to the weight of the sand on already heavy lengths of grass. He has said that we should cut out the joins, plus some extra, a width of about 30cm, and patch every join with a length of new grass. He will do it personally, using plenty of adhesive and new tape. He says we won't see the joins, but will see new grass against 3 month old grass, and the new grass will weather and blend and match over time. It will take 2 days to do this, and I suggested he spends another day brushing and sanding the whole job to an extent where he can say the job is installed and finished properly.

    I've said that it is up to my contractor to be happy with this fix, and have said I reserve the right to deem the job acceptable or not after this fix. he said we don't have a choice. I told him that I do have another choice, and that is to sue him to get the whole job done again from scratch, or whatever it takes to give me the job he was contracted to do.

    My only question is, does the proposed fix seem like a good solution, if done well? That's all I need to know.

    Thanks folks.

    • PRO Supplier
      Hi Paul, I'm curious....

      What experience of fitting Artificial Grass does the contractor have that you selected?

      I'd say good credit to HT Turf for coming to see you! Most of the companies in our industry wouldn't bother for a supply only order and not their liability once sold to an installer.

      Cheers M
      • The contractor has fitted artificial grass for some time, but has started sub contracting to this other guy. The contractor has been let down badly by him.

        Yes, HiTech do deserve credit, although they did get a £20k order from me. It was in their interest to see the job, as there were issues that may have been their problem. Turns out, it's compression marks and should fade. They have also agreed, at a cost to do remedial work.

        Anyways, my only question was, does the proposed fix seem like a good solution, if done well? That's all I need to know.

        Thanks Matthew

        • PRO

          Thanks for sharing your experience with us Paul I'm sure it's been difficult for everyone involved but by publicising the process, it can only positive in the long-run.

          I'm sorry you haven't had an answer to your question. I guess - and it is only a guess - is that others might not want to commit because the ultimate test is whether you'd be satisfied with the solution.

          I would say that the proposed method of rectification will work. Over time you'll forget about there being two joints instead of one and others won't notice at all. 

This reply was deleted.

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