Anyone with experiences of Scag 36's?

Have a one-off opportunity to purchase a Scag 36" walk behind Kawasaki powered from an individual in good condition at a very good price.

We've never owned or used one but could be a useful business addition.

So, would like feedbck on pros & cons - from use, to ability, to reliability (esp Hydro), availability of spares etc from any LJNers who've been there and got the T Shirt :)

Not interested in looking or considering other options etc due to one-off situation.

What I need to know is - is it theorectically a "good buy" ?

Thanks in advance

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    Hydro or belt drive Gary?

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      Hydrostatic, Adam. Are there 'options' or is it model/year dependant ? I know nothing about Scags :)

  • Love Our Scag 36! bought is about 5 years ago off ebay it is 17 years old. Have been using it all day today mowing road verges, built like a tank!

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    Older Scags were belt drive ( had a Toro Proline version, even parts ordered through Toro were under Scag part numbers).

    The Kawasaki engines are great, frugal on fuel for their size - from my experience they need a good battery to ensure easy starting though.

    Very strongly built machines, which seem to hold a good resale value.

  • Mine is a kawi hydrostatic and pull start by the way!

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    we have two 36's, great machines.

    Scag are solid and built to last only problem we had with ours was the coil went one year but other than that they really are the best machines.

    Only thing im not keen on and cannot be helped is its a single wheel so when mowing soggy ground it can rut more than the 48's or 52's on a double wheel and it doesent hold embankments as well for the same reason - I think a single wheel is only allowed up to 15 deg where a double wheel ive seen going along slopes of 40 deg.

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      You can purchase a kit to turn it into a twin wheel for around £400.

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    Gary, did you purchase this in the end? I'm looking at a 52 with the 20hp engine locally for £1500. Have it seen it yet only photos.

    Anything to watch out for buying second hand? Any advice as always most welcome.
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    Are Scags able to handle quite long grass? I mean stuff that would normally require strimming or flail mowing?

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      Not sure about the walk behinds but the Cheetah is a beast :)

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