Another Stihl GB own goal ?

One of my guys was trying to order a spare HSA25 battery online today as locally they're not in stock, but was unable to order it from another dealer for delivery.

Apparently, he has to collect it and be shown how to use it "safely" as it's outside the Dealership staff's own delivery area (ie they won't deliver using a Courier) - WTF ???

Is this another example of Stihl's inflexible online sales policy or Courier issues (however, Ive had De Walt batteries delivered) ?

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    Don't know but my last "handover" was anything but. It was on the floor of the showroom I just picked it up and went without any conversation at all about it.
    Interestingly I used it for 2-3 minutes and it stopped after some head scratching I checked the fuel to find it empty so they could not even be bothered to put a tank full of fuel in it.
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    Last bits of Stihl I got were from a local dealer who made the point of having to demo the kit, etc to me. However, online retailers I looked at for a bit less cost were happy to courier a blower and hedge cutter to me direct. 

    I get that for a complete machine such as a hedge cuter but 100% agree Gary a battery demo is the policy gone mad! Even more so when selling to an established professional gardening based company who will clearly know how to use the items safely (they could check against warranty from the base units surely?).  Clearly a global policy to mitigate product liability. Perhaps a silly point but I ordered some AA and AAA batteries the other day off Amazon, thankfully I did not have to be at home to be shown how to safely use them :)

  • I think the dealer just got it wrong............... I've ordered a battery from f r jones before with no problem........... just looked on their website and there's no "handover" required.

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      Not that this was from FR Jones, but if you look at their website, it also states the following:

      "Stihl Safety Hand-over Policy

      We stock an extensive range of Stihl products, most of which are available for you to order directly through this website; however some Stihl items are subject to the ‘Stihl Safety Hand-over Policy’ that all official Stihl dealers must abide by.

      Stihl feel that the best service to customers is achieved through face-to-face contact with a Stihl dealer. This ensures that you are sold the correct machine, with proper instruction, and you are familiar with all the important information regarding safe operation. Stihl have designated certain items of machinery as requiring a safety handover from the dealer – these items are clearly marked on our website and you will be made aware if an item you have selected is subject to this requirement.

      In order to minimise the impact of this policy on your ability to shop at your convenience, we cover a large area surrounding our South-East London base with our own staff delivery drivers. This allows us to deliver the product to you, take you through its proper use and help with any questions you may have. However, we can only deliver these items to postcodes beginning with BN, TN, CT, ME, CM, CO, GU, RH, AL, SS, SL, WD, EN, IG, RM, DA, BR, CR, KT, TW, UB, WD, HA, NW, N, E, SE, SW, SM, WC, EC and there is an additional £10 charge per order for these specialist deliveries, as we have to send one of our staff members out of the shop to conduct the safety handover of the equipment. Check the map to see what areas we cover »

      If we are able to deliver to you, all deliveries containing restricted Stihl products should be with you within 10 working days. We will contact you within 1 working day of your order regarding your delivery and to take payment for the delivery charge. Despite the obvious restrictions this policy imposes, we do want to make it as easy as we can for you to purchase Stihl products from us; you can use this website to reserve and pay for any restricted Stihl product for collection from us or have them delivered by our drivers to the areas marked on the map.

      Stihl are very passionate about the enforcement of this policy amongst their authorised dealers, so we hope you can understand that we cannot make exceptions."

      Exactly the same as my guy was told. It seems many Dealer try their best by offering a personalised delivery option where they adhere to Stihl's handover policy on your doorstep.

      The question then becomes should that be applied to a 'Battery' as this dealer was doing so..

      This draconian policy really brings Stihl's name into disrepute...
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        An update on this strimmer. The head has decided it does not like being attached to the machine and has pinged across a road. So all in all not happy this morning!
      • True, they do state this but it doesn't include batteries ...... if you try and purchase one as i've done, you'll see there's no problem.  You're dealer just got it wrong. It's a tricky  one with the "handover" policy"............ I can see both sides of the argument with this possibly helping to maintain a good dealer network even if it is disguised as a safety thing:) . 

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          The handover policy is condescending to an established business, but I can see the point for domestic sales.

          If it's a 'safety thing' (which it's not), I happily have the Dealership hold a disclaimer on file or on the Invoice that we declined to shown how a 'hedge cutter' works......

          At least we have access to Husky gear, which I'm growing to like.....

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    The lady at the post office refused to accept the fit bit the lad in front of me in the queue was trying to post, because it contains a lithium battery and she deemed his packing inadequate.

    I suspect she would want the Stihl battery to be packed in a mobile vault.

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    Is the issue the lithium battery or a sharp blade?

    I have just looked at the Gayways website:

    "*Please note that any sharp MOUNTFIELD and STIHL products can not be shipped out as per the manufacturer's policy. They can either be collected from any of our stores or they may be hand delivered within a 20 mile radius, with applied delivery charges on top.

    STIHL STIHL HSA 25 - STIHL from Gayways UK
    STIHL STIHL HSA 25 Online Shop Stihl, 500g - 600g, Button Start, 17cm / 7", Cordless, Topiary, Domestic, Machinery, Hedge Trimmers, Handheld, 11cm /…
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