And so the madness begins

It's happening. Silly season is starting following reasonable weekend weather (although we could get a knock back this week).

However, we've also noticed the ground temp has risen immensely this week and is now averaging 8+ degrees, which is going to get that grass waking up.

Machines washed, Oil topped up, New blades fitted, Final adjustments made...

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines.....

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      One treated lawn has heavy growth and will be cut here in West Yorkshire on the 2nd of March . Before this a row of conifers need trimming before the RSPB hedging guidelines start in March .

    • Really! East kilbride is still well and truly dormant. I could do a cut but wouldnt be back for three or four weeks
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    Fair play to you lads who are already cutting grass. It's still winter here in the West Midlands, frost this morning followed by torrential rain. Yesterday we had the lot, hail and sleet, sun and rain. I've got a couple of regulars who need a cut but it just ain't gonna happen this week!

    I'm itching to put the roller mower over one in particular. It had a cheap and cheerful makeover last autumn. (Not done by me!)   From bramble scrub to seeding, but I don't think the ground was prepped properly. It is now a nice green grassed area but is in dire need of being rolled  and some of the loose stones being flattened into the soil. I took one look yesterday and decided the mower would sink, churn and struggle. It'll be about 6 inches long I reckon before I get chance to work on it...

  • hard frost and a dusting of snow this morning its now raining the ground is still wet you need your wellies on

  • update I have just looked out of the window its stopped raining clear skies and starting to freeze  

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    We did a mowing flyer drop on Monday to 30 or so 4 bedroom new homes on what will be a large estate.  Got two enquiries the same night.  I thought it was good but......

    First one wanted a fixed price for a monthly cut, saying she will cut in between. Hmmm... good intentions and all that.  I said we could only price for fortnightly or weekly.  Not heard back since.

    Second one wanted price for a one off cut with the possibility of regular in the summer.  I arranged with her for one of my guys to go round the next day to take a look.  When he got there someone else was already cutting the grass! I rang and left a polite message asking if I'd misunderstood what she wanted. Not heard back since.

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    Bit sodden at the moment... Already got the ride on stuck in a horse field.

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    And they're off!!

    Just mowed the last of my customers today so we're now into the summer schedule. That means rain snow and frosts!
  • Well as I am itching to get going I measured the ground temp today and it is now sitting at 8degrees !!! I am just south of Glasgow and at 350m/1000ft elevation so should be getting a wiggle on by end of the month
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      a wiggle? I'm getting two boxes minimum per garden here in lanarkshire this week! mild winter has gave the place a head start

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