• Dude at the trade counter is extremely rude & unprofessional. I'll be buying in my year's supplies from someone else who values my custom.

    • PRO Supplier

      HI Ralph, so sorry to hear that. I'd be interested to know who served you. What did he look like.

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    We use Country Supplies extensively for timber, soil, bark and fencing. Never had a problem and they have always been a pleasure to deal with.

    I've only been to their trade counter a couple of times and usually order over the phone and ask them to deliver.
    • PRO Supplier

      Thanks Nick, we cant actually find Ralph as a customer on our database, so who knows? :)

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    Different subject - Would the bulk bags of kiln dried top dress sweat and become claggy if left out in the open, albeit under cover out of the rain?

    • PRO Supplier

      Hi Andrew, we do 2 types of top dressing. The Kiln Dried Top dressing is dry and runs like sugar but you would want to keep it covered. The normal 70/30 is not dry so it doesnt really matter.

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