Advice on black kadapha slabs

Hi all, can anyone give me some advice on laying black kadapha slabs, Ive heard several negative reports,such as  efforescents,mortar staining especially from pointing and general staining plus they fade to a grey colour.

Im booked it to lay 40m2 and want to advise my client of any problems that may occur and also what is the best way for me to avoid the above issues,Im a new premium member and hoping someone can help me out with some advice.

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      Hello Terry
      This is a black limestone and will like all the other black limestone quite rapidly turn from black to light grey. All you can do if the client wants the dark black look then you will need to seal it.
      the paving expert website has some good reading on this issue:


      • second that. you just need to be careful when pointing it, but its generally not too bad, unless you are using a coloured mortar, but i think that doesnt look good. can be a bugger to cut, and they do fracture easily. just laid a patio of 240m2 with them, had a very high percentage of breakage when they were delivered, so worth checking when delivered

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