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landscaping, garden maintenance, garden designing trustmarkThe Landscape Juice 'Green Tick' - see also Customer Charter - is our marque of transparency and honesty.

If you choose to adopt it, it will go towards telling your clients that you, as an individual or business, intend to provide the best possible level of service - no matter what your level of experience or skill-set.

See also Landscape Juice Network's Aims and Objectives

The concept of this network is simple - If you promise a good service then you should be taken at your word.

By exposing yourself personally and your company to close scrutiny in a public place such as this network you are sending out a clear message to your competitors and your potential customers that you intend to deliver a service based on trust, good workmanship, honesty and value.

The Landscape Juice ambition is to see this green tick adopted around the United Kingdom and it will become synonymous with excellent Garden Design, Landscape Construction and Garden Maintenance.

You are welcome to copy and paste this logo to your livery, stationary and work ware free of charge and promote it however you see fit, provided that any website where it is displayed is linked back to your members page here on the Landscape Network.

Please let me have your feedback on the Landscape Network Green Tick Scheme?

Just cut and paste the entire code highlighted as bold below changing the width and height to suit. The image is square so the two numbers must be the same otherwise it will appear distorted on your site

I'm proud to be a member of....

<a href=""><img src="*4ZtHUXiBX1LFBE8CsMTWI92krhkj*9oO9mLPoYP*9GloMC0C1kdDQrQe6-i7DTkl*DrAKnE-3SIW5LS/1094606641.jpeg" width="85" height="85"></a>
....The Landscape Juice Network

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  • PRO
    The Landscape Network has been mentioned in Trade Talk on the Landscaper Magazine website today.
  • I'm behind this as well but will need to get some techie advice from a friend on how to add it into wordpress on the site he is generously hosting for me.
  • Great idea, I haven't got a web page yet, but I will add it to my paper work.
  • I've just added the logo to my 'portfolio' page with a link back to 'my page' on here. I really hope this site grows, it looks to be a good resource!
  • Hi Philip,

    Is there a logo with a transparrent background - or a photoshop psd or similar so that i can change background colour without mucking up the text of the logo.


  • Added to my site:
  • PRO
    If you have a business website then please consider linking back to your page on the network or to the front page of the network.

    By helping to build a matrix of external links we will strengthen the brand over the Internet, not just of this site but also your own site.

    You will also find that you will start to get more visitors with the possibility of increased business.

    Please also consider adding the Green Tick logo to your site.

    Our Green Tick and voluntary charter is designed to inform your client that you are intent on providing them with the very best of service.

    The Green Tick is not designed to replace existing landscaping associations but merely strives to help expose your business to potential clients in a transparent way.

    On the network you are encouraged to upload photographs, add blog posts about current and past projects and participate in forum discussions.

    We are growing strongly and I am pleased with progree thus far. Please feel free to leave a comment or any ideas or suggestions.
  • PRO
    Thanks Michael
  • Jolly D. I'm about to have a flier push so shall include it on my fliers. Ace, Fab, Cool, 'triffic!
  • PRO Supplier
    Hi Phil,
    Will to add the tick to my news page. I get a lot of visitors browsing something for thier gardens. I know how to add but need help or code to link back to lj front page plus few concise words about the site services would be great...not my strong point.
This reply was deleted.

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