• Looks like Lesser Trefoil Jon.

    • yes its a kind of clover

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    trefoil, plus the last stages of red thread.

    Weed control greenor / interfix, some feed and a fungicide for the redthread - the agrigem product just posted here would do.

    btw, clover, trefoil and other legume plants are natures way of adding nitrogen to the soil, so together with red thread indicates a lack of nitrogen

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      Hi Andrew. Could you tell me what dilution you use the interfix at per litre? I followed the label knapsack rate and some weeds survived in a lawn, and it looks like you can only apply it once per year.

      Thinking maybe I need another product for follow up treatments.

  • with Colin lesser trefoil a member of the clover family  

  • Tanks for prompt responses , I'll sort this weekend.

    Am I best to cut the lawn first and the use the weed killer as the grass needs a cut.

    Also would it be best to rake out as the article suggests so that I get most out manually and then there is less to kill.

    I was quite proud of the lawn to start with as it was from nothing , seeded myself after sieving the whole area for stones etc , so top 1" / 1 1/2" is pure soil with some peat mixed.

    Approx three / four yrs old now 

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      Would not definitely not recommend raking out or cutting before weed killing, indeed the various selective herbicides we use daily recommend not to do so for 2-3 prior - the reason being that an 'uncut' plant has a larger leaf surface area to absorb the herbicide through - thus giving far better control.

      Had good results using Solar Plus from Progreen (site sponsors) as an adjuvant  in the spray mix as trefoil can be a tricky one to control.

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    also known as Yellow Suckling clover - POLAX will do the job  - adding the Solar Plus, as Adam said, will maximise the spray efficiency....

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    don't mow, treat, leave for 2-3days then mow.

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    40ml per 100sqm with a heavy-ish droplet white flatfan to minimise drift. We mainly use berthouds with double boom.

    Many weeds are only weakened by the first application and so often a second complimentary (different active ingredients) weed control is needed. Best to have a few choices at hand so you can base on weeds present.

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