Evening all, this is my first post in a long time but I thought where better to go than LJN!. I have had a search through the forums but I can't find exactly what i'm looking for so here goes.

I'm looking at buying a new mower and have been drawn to the Etesia duocut models and mainly the 53 do any of you guys run this model? what are your thoughts? 

We've currently got the duocut 46 rmhb on demo, i've used it today in pretty dry conditions but in really long grass and i'm pretty impressed so far.

We've been using hondas (HRX 476) wheeled version, it's a great mower but struggles badly in the wet when we need to collect, it's also starting to get to that age where it feels like something might give... It does do allot of work as we have some bigger commercial places that are mulched so I need a mower that will mulch and collect without having to blade change etc like the Honda and the Etesia Duocut. The only thing putting me off the Etesia is the cost and the weight!! So basically here is my criteria, if any of you guys have any other options or advice it would be great to here..

19-21 inch cut

Must be able to mulch and collect well in the wet

quick forward speed

robust and reliable 

cheers all

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    I had a look on their website earlier or maybe yesterday and it seemed to list the duocut 53 as a semi pro machine? But at the cost of a full pro. I'm not sure if this was maybe a mistake? It's new for this year as far as I can tell anyway so user reviews are probably slim on the ground unless you can find a magazine/site that has done a review.

    • Cheers Seth,

      Ye it does list it as a semi pro machine but to be fair they seem pretty solid...i don't think they even do a duocut pro model...

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    Hi Michael

    the lkcgm is classed as a semi pro machine only to the LH & LKX spec's because it has a mechanical transmission to be able to reduce the cost of the machine and bring it in reach for the smaller users who only need this type of machine 2-3 full days a week but don't need to go overkill in spec , someone planning on all day every day work all season in rough undulating areas would be aimed to the LH & LKX mowers due to there fully hydraulic drive systems letting them cope with far more abuse than any mechanical transmission would stand while taking 90% of the effort of control on such a big machine away from the user

    its like our big ride on mowers in the 124 range down to the small bahias, we have an all out pro version which is built for abuse and then a cheaper stripped back version for those who take pride and care of there tools or who don't need all of the electrics and extras etc you get for the all singing version

    • Cheers for the info Neal,

      Ye thats kind of what I thought, as I said i've been using the duocut 46 rmhb on demo today and really impressed with it so far, i'm yet to test it in the wet, does the lkcgm perform just as well as collecting in the wet with the bigger width of cut and grass box? how would you rate the Kawasaki engine compared to the Honda? I realise it's slightly more powerful but in terms of build quality/reliability?.... I've always used Honda and found them to be brilliant. 

      We would only need the mower to do probably 2 - 3 days a week mowing a variety of large lawns that are cut and collected once a week, school amenity areas that are mulched every 1-2 weeks and various other mowing jobs sometimes in long stuff...

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    hi michael

    yes the performance is equal to the other machines just in a bigger cutting width

    • Thanks all,

      Well after having the duocut 46 on demo for the past few days now i've managed to give it a really good test in pretty much all conditions, 

      very long dry grass - ripped through it just letting it fly out the back

      Short very dense very wet grass (taking off half inch) - collected very well considering the conditions.

      The rest of the time was mainly mulching on damp short areas which again it did a good job of. On the whole very impressed with the etesia...My final question would be how to get one at the best possible price?, my local dealer has offer me one for £1680 inc VAT... that works out at about £100 below the list price...i'm not sure but guessing this is about standard?, cheers all

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        Hi Michael

        having a little trouble replying on my laptop with ljn so sorry for the late reply.

        if im honest I see far to often people getting machines from far and wide at the best possible price (because the dealer never exspects to see the machine again so will knock off silly money) and if anything gose wrong running to the local dealer to get it repaired only to find there at back of the line regardless to if its warranty or not.

        the problem is that your local dealer will not be contracted to look after another dealers machine and has not made a penny on its sale and so would treat it as any other non-urgent repair because he couldn't justify droping things and loseing out himself, however if they had sold the machine they see it as there duty to get it in and fixed to get it back up and earning you money asap

        when you think about it having a good relationship with your local dealer can and will save you £££££££ in downtime which would be far more worth while then a few quid saved shopping round

        • This point cannot be emphasised anymore! Your mower will at some point go wrong. It happens to all of us. It will go at the worst time! Having a good set of spares and a great relationship with your local dealer will be far better in the long run for you!

          My local dealer rushed through the changing of rear roller only Hayter last year within 90 mins of me dropping it off. Barely noticed the time I had lost. Now if they had it for 3 days I would be going mad!

          Currently my local dealer has a service turn around time of 14 days for most things. But when I need them usually it's 3 days max!
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