Zero Turn Mowers Are They Any Good Advice Please

Zero Turn Mowers? Any Good? Advice Please.. Hi. This is my first posting on this forum...... I have been looking at getting a zero turn mower.. currently looking at mid range options in the Bobcat and Hustler range.. The two that seem to catch my eye and that will stretch my wallet AR the Bobcat XRZ Pro and the Hustler Fasttrack SDX..... they tend to come in 48", 52" and 60" deck sizes... but I am conceidering a 48" deck as I think that it will handle a wider range of tasks and as we are in the UK or for me Wales. I do seem to have to deal with wet grass quite often. So I don't want to be too greedy with the deck size. The Youtube videos shows them doing a great job in dealing with large lawns and very tall grass.. But as many of these videos are shot in America I can't find much that shows them dealing with wet grass. The addition of the Zeroturn style mower would be in addition to a Viking T6 42" collector tractor style unit I have that is hopeless a collecting or rear disposing of wet grass. It only handles dry grass. So the advice and feedback I am after from members of this forum who have used or owned these types of machines is: 1) Both Bodcat and Hustler look exactly the same apart from the colour. Is there any real difference or are they the same machine but branded differently? 2) Are they any good in the UK Enviroment? 3) How well do they handle wet grass? 4) Both brands do collector kits. Has anyone used them and are they any good. 5) Any reliability or known issues with them? 6) Anyone here have one and would be willing to share their experiences of owning or using them? I look forward to getting any advice people are able to give.

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    The collectors will be utterly awful in the wet if it's a side discharge deck. Not worth even trying. Zero turns are best used for cut and drop wide area applicationns. Another one I'd look at is a Gianni Ferrari zero turn.

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    I fancy one but I'm worried (and been warned) about the weight of the machine on the back axle.
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      You can get some with '3' axles with rear trailing wheel (or two) that have much better ground pressure.

  • Hi Jamie<br />
    Just a few thoughts<br />
    <br />
    Can you get these machines onto the grass - we looked at these and have approx 10 - 12&quot; high kerbstones so they wouldn't get up onto the grass.<br />
    <br />
    We find with side discharge rotary deck that if it's wet the grass just ends up in a line, so we've moved to rear discharge so the spread of the cut grass is more even.<br />
    <br />
    We've looked at these but never went ahead with purchasing one and are currently looking at out front John deeres and kubotas atm.<br />
    <br />
    Regarding the collector kits on these they look great but have heard they don't operate very well in the wet - but then again what is that good in the wet?<br />
    <br />
  • I can't comment on the above models but we had a secondhand 10 year old Kubota gzd21 48" deck high tip zero turn, disadvantages first ;-)

    No real braking system, with a full grass box going down hill on wet grass is interesting, wheels in reverse, you're still going forwards, ditto sideways on a wet slope, don't do it, no diff lock, front castors with no steering control, the lower rear drive wheel on the slope grips more than the higher wheel, spins the machine and down the slope you go. I'm not talking steep inclines, just sloping ground.Very easy to get stuck, I've even had mine stuck on the previous fortnights clippings, back up to the dump site, go too far, end up on the rotting grass clippings and after you've emptied the box the machine is too light and sits and spins. 

    Wet collection is on a par with regular Kubotas, not up to Iseki/Etesia standards due to the narrower between the wheels chute, wet grass isn't thrown as far and you end up with a half full box and after that you then clog the chute.High lift blades are available from Kubota and make a massive difference but in my experience long wet grass needed two passes, wet grass isn't an issue with the optional cut and dump rear deflector.

    The advantages, apart from reliability and ease of servicing, manouverability and manouverabilty! The machine literally turned on it's own footprint, awkward tight sites were no problem, in addition to commercial sites we cut many small domestic area with it, no time consuming three point turns at the end of a pass, smaller and shorter than a regular mower of the same spec, ours fitted on a 10' trailer, the regular g21 high tip Kubota would have meant buying a bigger trailer, the centrally mounted offset to the left deck offers great visibilty, being offset you can run tight against fences, trees or walls or hang it over a border whilst keeping the wheels on the grass, we had a contract for a kirkyard, 300 years worth of graves, hundreds of headstones literally scattered at random over the site, the contract stipulated fortnightly strimming around every grave, we simply zipped the mower round each headstone, front,side, rear, other side in one go, zip onto the next, literally saved hours, the previous contractor with a regular 48" deck mower had had to cut more than one third of the site with a walk behind simply because he couldn't turn amoung the jumble of headstones.

    Now sold along with our grass cutting round, would I buy another? For the sites we had yes, for large open sites, no, the guy who bought our round ( the mower had to be bought with the round) wasn't sure, the first day he hated it, within a week he loved it.

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      Thanks for this, I think I will stick to the scag walk behinds now.

      I follow a FB page called "Lawn Pros" based in America, they can't get enough of their zero turn rideon machines
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