21 inch mulcher that also rear discharges?

Hi I'm pricing up a large tender at a Parish council cemetary which will require a lot of 21 moowing however some parts needs to be collected or mulched whereas other areas can be discharged (and are cut monthly instead of fortnightly). I would like the mulching ability of a dedicated rather than a combi mower.

Currently I'm only aware of the etesia biocut but I don't like the chuteless rear discharge.

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    Honda izy mulcher has side discharge if that's any good?
    The dedicated one without the bag.
    I've got one and it's not bad at all
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      I wanted to avoid side discharge as I don't want to be blasting grass on headstones if it's wet when cutting the fortnightly bit.

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        I know I want something that will do what you want too. People are fussy about grass on graves!
        Blowing after is not easy either in the ones I do as there is all sorts of flowers teddies ornaments around the graves even though they should not really be there!
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          Yes this cemetary is just the same. Lot of plastic pots as well which will just shatter if they get touched by a strimmer!

  • What about the Honda izy hrg 536 vk
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      Because there are plenty of mulch and collect mowers better than that. I'm looking for a dedicated mulcher (i.e. the fully domed deck)

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    I cut a church yard with a mulcher for 2 years now and it seems to work well customer is happy I am using stiga 21 inch if the grass is really long cut it a bit on the long side and then do a second pass lower still quicker than boxing 

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      I feel this is probably what I'll end up doing. I already have a Stiga 4 wheeler so was looking to go for one of them or a Viking mb4rtp.

      • Dont get that viking mower!!!! I had one the handle snapped off at the deck twice. The front bearings the drive wheels needed replaced every month. The exhaust bolts sheared twice. Viking took it back to "test" it gave me a replacement. Same things happened again. All of this was in one season. Now have a husqvarner mulcher and nothing has dropped off it in two years. I do 55 lawns a week so it gets well used
  • I suppose it depends on the amount of work involved.  We have (and have had) a range of 21" mowers and by far the best is our Honda HRH536 Hydrostatic Pro.  Built for work!

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