just an idea

as i'm just starting i have been quite lucky have a friend who is an estate agent who knows i'm starting up gardening and had a few jobs from him and charge his company a little bit more and they are happy so far for what i have down and quickly as some times they need to for either pics or just viewings so i have put my name around to a few more and one of them have asked if i can paint as well so hopefully i can get some painting to help out during winter.

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    It is a good move Darren. I remember back in the early nineties in the last housing recession and it was tough to find work.

    My company carried out a fair amount of work for estate agents.
  • you don't know until you try.

    Philip Voice said:
    It is a good move Darren. I remember back in the early nineties in the last housing recession and it was tough to find work.

    My company carried out a fair amount of work for estate agents.
  • I started off on Handyman business last october, then specialised on hard landscaping as thats what most of my clients wanted (hence the name change to Proscape). Now that the landscaping and digger work is drying up ive started my Handyman adverts again in the local papers and will keep them running until Feb when the landscaping work picks up again.

    As Progard mentioned in another threat, Gutter cleaning is a real money spinner. I popped into all our local estate agents, letting agents and even contacted the local housing authorities and didnt have one week off in the last year (apart from the ones i chose to take off).

    I think Philip has mentioned reposessions in past threads as well - if you can get in with the estate agents now theres sure to be a lot of work.

    Good luck with your business.

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