2017 grass cutting

Okay, am I first? Just cut my first lawns of this season. They needed tidy cut rather than a hack back but I wasn't expecting to be mowing on February 6th. I only stopped cutting on 14th or so of December! Also used my new weibang.....super mower but bloody heavy to get in and out of the van!

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  • The Weibang really is a great mower! One of the best built mowers on the market. How did you find the machine collected?

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    Collecting grass is fabulous. Completely fills the bucket and when taking it off you don't get that pile of spilt grass then you get from many other brands. Grass was damp and in places very mossy but no issues. As I said my only criticism is that it weighs a tonne! Other than that the best mower I've owed to date.
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    Me too first cuts today. Not with a heavy mower though! Just a little izy out today ground far too wet for anything heavier
  • Yes I have used the machine on wet grass and it second to none!

  • I've been mowing since the second week of January in Cornwall.

  • Wow I normally think I start cutting early being in Dorset on the coast, but to wet at the moment and with another cold snap coming up, hoping to get another week or to before the first cut.
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    Ground far far too wet here. I was brushcutting a load of bramble and ended up in a mud pit.

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    I should add that I'm hoping the weather forecast is right and it drops cold again later in the week! If it stays at 10 degrees it's going to make for a horribly long grass cutting season again!
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      please excuse me as I'm a newbie here. Surely you want a long season (unless your customers are on a fixed price contract) the sooner you start mowing the sooner you start earning. Or am I missing something here?

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        In some respects you are right a longer season means more money. But first reason I have other things to do between now and mid march.
        Second for me at least there is a lot more to life than chasing the money.
        thirdly I price my grass cutting aiming for 8 months to earn the money I want from it. If you don't do this you can leave yourself short of money if it does just stop in late September or early October.
        And also when you cut the amount of grass I do it's nice when it stops.
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