2016 Hayter Harrier 56 vs the rest??

Hi all,

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend!, I know this subject has been somewhat covered before but I can only seem to find old information and not up to date stuff on the new Hayter 56 models, specifically the Hayter Harrier 56 Pro and the Harrier 56 autodrive with blade brake clutch.

I run a garden and grounds maintenance business and i'm looking to replace our old Hayter roller mower I'm basically torn between these two models and hoping some of you guys run these and can give some advice on (i'll just list it below). The mower will on average get used for a day a week or so to cut some large, steep but well kept lawns.

-Would the 56 autodrive cope with the workload being that it's sold not as a pro mower, are the drive systems different between the two models?

-How well do they cope on wet lawns and slopes, i've read bad things about the 2012 ish models not collecting even on damp lawns..

Again I've read stuff on the forums and opinions vary but how do the Hayters compare to the lawnflite/Danarm/Kubota roller mowers?.

Sorry it's quite a bit of information to ask for and any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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  • I wouldnt even contemplate a hayter bbc lasts 12 months no good in wet overpriced on the pro models i run 2 weibang pro 48 bbc brilliant piece of kit.give it another year and they will take over
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      I agree Ken, fantastic build quality ticks all the boxes......3yr commercial warrenty.
    • Slightly off topic I'd be keen to hear how the 48cm four wheeled machines work out
  • We have a 2015 Hayter 56 pro, a good mower, but with the usual wet collection problem, don't knowm anything about the Weibang ken has mentioned, but see my post below re Wet Grass Collection.

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    We've recently had a problem with our old wide bag hayter 56 on the driveshaft. Looked around for some replacements vs repair. In the end got it repaired, plus as a bonus the mechanics had another old wide bag 56 in good condition, so bought that as well. £150 repairs, and £450 for the 2nd 56. £600 inc vat for 2 perfectly good 56's with wide bags and a proper chassis...unlike the newer ones. Quite happy with that!

    For wet lawns we pass over with an Etesia duocut first, and then 2nd pass with the roller mowers (56 or KAAS Danarm). Keeps the customers happy.

  • Lovely, thanks for all the replies, I did briefly look at the weibang and i'll have a proper look now, sounds good though!..Andrew, thats exactly what we do with our Etesia lkcgm just to take the brunt of the wet or long grass off it and then the second pass with the roller. The Etesia is such a heavy bit of kit though and with tiny wheels it leaves marks in the lawns if there wet. 

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    I've had a Weibang for 2 seasons now and its been brilliant.

    • Just a quick update, so I went ahead and purchased a Weibang legacy 56v, all I can say so far is wow what an awesome machine, as you guys had mentioned the build quality is brilliant, especially when compared to my Etesia LKCGM which is shocking in some areas!. We have two really big steep lawns to mow on a friday and  I found the Weibang a joy to use even when the lawns were a little bit wet and on the steepest parts. The collection and forward speed of the mower was also really good so on the whole a very happy customer, thanks to you guys that recommended them, I can now do the same!!  

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