£10/hr part-timers have woken up

Down here on the south coast the recent spell of good weather has woken up all of the £10 per hour part-timers. Difficult to compete with for the first time clients as they don't know The difference between these part-timers and the professional garden maintenance folk like myself. I was wondering if other people had the same problem in their area recently?

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    I have a lawn I have been looking after for a number of years.

    I was there last week to give it the first cut of the season and my client asked for a word before I started.

    He showed me a flyer he got through the door for someone charging £12 per hour for grass cutting, I charge more than 3 times that amount for the same work amount of work.

    I argued that i still represented good value for money and couldn't reduce my charge. Lets just say I'm happy to report I still maintain the lawn at my same rate. :)

    Moral of the story, you have to know why clients choose to use you above someone selling a similar service for less, as there will always be people coming into the market and charging a lesser rate....

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      Nicely said Robbie, cheers

    • I should give him/her a ring Robbie - he /she cuts the grass, give him/her £12.00, you charge £36 and sit back with your feet up - a winner! ;-)

  • Good luck to them I say................. they're dealing in a different niche of the market and you really can't expect to compete in that niche. At least they're out there working rather than claiming £57/week jobseekers allowance:) 

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      Yeah it's a completely different part of the market they are dealing in, don't bother trying to compete mate...
    • You may find that they most likely are on DHS.
    • not happy with that last bit mate it the poor and needy that claim jsa and they get enough stick from the people in the job centre let alone from the luck ones that havent had to deal with that ever in there lives

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        Surely it's would be better for them to be working though?
        It's good for your self esteem mental health etc.
        JSA should be an emergency stop gap nothing more.
        Too many feel they are above manual labour.
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    Grass cutting is the main thing I don't charge by the hour for. I can't get my head round fixed price for other things but for grass cutting I charge per visit and it works out a lot more than that similar to Robbies 3 times more!
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    Where on the south coast? I'm in Brighton and can't say I've come across that. But they could be picking up the type of jobs I'm not interested in perhaps. People seem willing to pay a decent rate for a reliable company.

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